Description Of Finishes

Pearl Rock / Semi-Polished
Description :
What most people call it a gap (we call it an opportunity) between polished and unpolished tile segment, Restile introduces a new vitrified surface finish called “Pearl Rock”, a surface that is not polished yet as smooth as polished. This semi-polished product has taken the market by storm, giving you the best of both the worlds. It is a low-maintenance finish with a non-slippery property, at the same time maintaining its silky smoothness.
Area of Use: Architects, Interior Designers, Premium Malls, Airports, IT Parks, Institutions (banks), Hotels and Resorts, etc…
Available Dimensions: 905x905x11.5mm, 600x600x9.5mm, 396x396x9.5mm, 300x300x7.5mm
Mirrorstone / Polished
Description :
Restile is the only company in the country, which offers Full Body Vitrified Polished tiles. These are fully polished tiles and are sold as plain tiles, marble and granite. These are premium tiles that are suitable for areas that need a shinny and glossy surface finish.
Mirrotstone tiles are low-maintenance, and useful for places that require superior hygeine.
Area of Use: Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Malls, Showrooms, Premium Commercial and Residential Areas, Hotels, Restaurants, IT Parks, etc…
Available Dimensions: 905x905x11.5mm, 600x600x9.5mm, 396x396x9.5mm, 300x300x7.5mm
Matte / Unpolished
Description :
Restile is the only company in the country which produces Full body Granite in unpolished surface finish. The main inherent properties of unpolished tiles are scratch proof, stain proof, chemical & alkali resistance, shock proof and high skid resistance.
Area of Use: Best to use in high traffic, wet areas, Food & Beverages, Chemical Industries, Hospitals, Automobile show rooms, Swimming pools, Railway stations, Bustands, Lanes , In door stadiums , Shopping malls, Apartments, Water treatment plants , Multiplex theaters , Film studios, Temples and Toilets floorings.
Available Dimensions: 200x200,300x300, 396x396, 600x300, 600x600 and 900x900 mm
Anti-Skid / Anti-Slip
Description :
Restile is also producing antiskid (Rustic / Stone effect) surface finish in full body Granite. The uneven surface looks like a natural stone and helps with the anti skid properties.
Area of Use: Vehicle ramps, parking places, Lanes, Pavements, Swimming pools, Steps, Bath room flooring and wet areas etc.
Available Dimensions: 300x300, 300x600 and 396x396 mm