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Absolute Through-Body Vitrified Tiles

Our love for Natural Designs knows no boundary

Company History

Restile, a pioneer in vitrified tiles, has been in the business of flooring tiles since 1986. It is one of the first companies in India that started vitrified tiling manufacturing, and it is first company to start in India to manufacture Full Body Homogeneous Vitrified Tiles.

Our Brand – Restile, known in the market for the last 3 decades for its unpolished smooth tiles and Industrial Vitrified Tiles, now associated with Bell Granito Ceramica Ltd (BGCL), forms a perfect partnership. BGCL in tiling business since 1993, renowned for manufacturing the finest marble design, vitrified full body tiles. Embarking on a major capacity expansion from 5000 SQM per day to an installed capacity of 32,500 SQM per day with the latest technology and quality systems from the world’s best tile machinery manufacturers.

Restile, standing by its love for natural designs, continues to manufacture 100% Vitrified Tiles that have 100% Naturally Pressed Designs with 0% Digital Printing / Glaze Coating. Our Product Range has something to offer for everyone, from Architects to Dealers to Home Owners.  Let us Floor You!

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What is technical porcelain ?

Restile has one of the most modern and innovative facilities for the manufacturing of Technical Porcelain. It started out as the most preferred product for high traffic areas, and now it is a preferred choice for residential projects.

Restile Technical Porcelain is ABSOLUTE THROUGH-BODY / FULL-BODY with design from top to bottom. It is also NOT GLAZED. Compared with traditional materials like marble, granite, stone etc…, our product stands above all for its potential to withstand the toughest of conditions due to its technical properties.

Restile Technical Porcelain, due to its METAL PUNCH production process, offers more durability, physical and technical properties, easy to clean, does not emit dust, has no open pores and offers the smoothest of unpolished matte surface finish. The beauty of Restile products can be experienced in our different surface finishes – Unpolished (matte, sandy rustic, flamed rustic) and Polished.

Quality and Environment

Green is not only a colour – but a badge a honour, that we proudly wear. Being fully aware of the damage that can be done to the environment if the production process and wastage is not controlled, Restile has taken all necessary measures to prevent polluting, recycling of materials, reuse of generated water waste, and minimizing the overall pollutant emissions. Restile will also be powering its factory using solar power starting 2019.

Restile is dedicated in manufacturing and delivering high quality products and service to our clients. Our internal factory Lab and Quality Team carry out a stringent quality control test using the latest equipments and cutting edge technology available in the market. From the incoming raw materials testing, to systematic online tile quality monitoring, random batch checking of finished product is ensured in order to provide our products with a high quality.

Market Reach

Domestic Market

The overall size of the Indian Ceramic Tile Industry is approximately 681 SQM worth of INR 19,820 Crores and is growing at a pace of 12.49% per annum. India ranks third in terms of tile production in the world. The market size in volume of ceramic tiles industry is estimated to touch 1100 SQM by 2016.

The Indian Tile Industry is divided into organized sector and unorganized sector. The current size of the organized sector is approximately INR 7,200 Crores, and it comprises of approximately 14 players. The unorganized sector accounts for nearly 60% of the total industry bearing testimony of the growth potential of this sector.

The Company currently has a network of 15 Distributors, and 300 Dealers in all major markets in India. The Company is gradually expanding its current setup of Distributors and Dealers by adding an additional 100 Dealers every year, to deliver its products across every city in India. The Company plans to open its own Company Showrooms, Franchisees, Multi-product dealers in the future. Our 52 Member Marketing Team located across the country promotes the sale through architects, consultants, builders, interior designers, etc…

Export Market

With our expertise in International Business, Restile has been aggressively expanding the boundaries and its reach in the overseas markets. Our Exports Team is headed by Mr.KA Harinatha Reddy, who has a decade worth of expertise in Mulia Ceramics, Indonesia. Mr. Reddy and his team of professionals strive to provide each client with the best possible service and ensure customer satisfaction is top priority! With clients from Asia-Pacific to United States, Restile aims to become a global brand associated with Quality, Trust and Professionalism.


Restile Ceramics Limited
K.A. Harinatha Reddy
Director – International Marketing

The Honey Lady Building, 5 th Floor, No 501 Jl. Pluit Selatan, Raya Kawasan
CBD Pluit Jakarta Utara, Indonesia 04440

Mobile : + 62 815 88 55 781
Email : exports@restile.com


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