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Technical Corner


Restile Technical Porcelain is ABSOLUTE THROUGH-BODY / FULL-BODY with design and color throughout its mass, and is completely vitrified. our belief in manufacturing 100% Naturally Pressed Designs that Mother Nature has to offer with 0% Digital Printing / 0% Glaze Coating is still as strong.

That is why it is a product that, compared with traditional materials like marble, granite, stone etc…, our product stands above all for its potential to withstand the toughest of conditions due to its technical properties. This makes our tiles very sustainable and durable.

Restile Technical Porcelain, due to its METAL PUNCH production process, offers more durability, physical and technical properties, easy to clean, does not emit dust, has no open pores and offers the smoothest of unpolished matte surface finish.

The beauty of Restile products can be experienced in our different surface finishes – Aesthetically, it perfectly imitates marbles, granites, stones, clays, slates, and cement.

Unpolished Matte (R11,12) Unpolished Sandy (R12) Unpolished Flamed (R13) Polished (provides an intense brightness)

Restile has always had its love for designing tiles for Architects, and we constantly keep updating our products based on the suggestions of architects. This sets us apart from the rest as we give the people a more authentic flooring experience.

It is available in a wide range of formats:
20 × 20, 30 × 30, 40 × 40, 30 × 60, 40 × 60, 60 × 60, 40 × 80, 80 x 80, 61 x 92, 60 × 120, 61×152 cm
Steps : 30 x 92, 30 x 120, 31 x 152 cm

Max thickness upto 20mm for special products.


This type of product, aside from its beauty and variety of available designs, has technical features that no other building material offers:

Resistance to water, moisture Resistance to sudden temperature changes. Resistance to impact, abrasion.
Wear resistance due to heavy traffic Negligible moisture expansion < 0.06% Bending strength with fixed and static loads.
Fireproof and electric proof Anti-Bacterial / Fungal Frost Resistant
Resistance to the release of its own dust. Low Tendency to retain dirt Easy to Clean and Maintain any acquired dust due to usage


Technical Porcelain can be installed both as flooring and as wall covering.
Its use is recommended for architectural use due to its modularity and variety of formats. Thanks to the inherent technical characteristics, this product can be considered as the most versatile flooring building product.

Various places that Restile Technical Porcelain can be installed are –

Public areas subject to high traffic and/or heavy loads, whether static or mobile: airports, supermarkets, schools, universities, museums, banks, offices, restaurants, sports facilities.

Areas with extreme weather conditions either due to frost or to sudden temperature changes: outdoor, cold storage rooms, etc.

Places, spaces, and premises where hygiene and sanitation are particularly important: bathrooms, kitchens, pools, hospitals, and health centers in general.

It started out as the most preferred product for high traffic areas, and now it is a preferred choice for residential projects.

The location range is very broad. Each day there are new uses and applications for the variety of designs that this product can provide to the practical and most contemporary architecture that uses it.

Quality Systems

Restile Technical Porcelain is a product resulting from the application of the most advanced and innovative technology in the sector. It applies modern cutting-edge technology on the market: laser guide, automation, and control through specific programs.

Restile is dedicated in manufacturing and delivering high quality products and service to our clients.

Our internal factory Laboratories carry out a control of incoming raw materials, an on-the-line random batch quality monitoring, and a finished product control, in order to provide our products with a high quality. Likewise, external laboratories assess our products periodically.

To know more about our detail quality process, you can get in touch with us.


Green is not only a colour – but a badge a honour, that we proudly wear. Being fully aware of the damage that can be done to the environment if the production process and wastage is not controlled, Restile has taken all necessary measures in prevention, protection, and conservation of the Environment in all its activities.

  • Restile commits itself to the environmental policy by systematically reducing waste through the correct treatment of the various types of waste:
  • Recycling of plastic generated in the packaging process.
    Reuse of 100% generated wastewater, “Zero discharge” using three treatment plants.
  • Minimizing the overall pollutant emissions.
  • Train and educate our employees about the potential environmental aspects that can be generated in our manufacturing process, encouraging the development of environmental best practices in each of the jobs.
  • Periodically defining environmental objectives and goals that capture our commitment to continuous improvement.

Restile will also be powering its factory using solar power starting 2019.